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I came across a website calling themselves, advertising a tax credit which was never advertised by the Inland Revenue, which existed before the new tax credits system and suggested that "one" applies. Anyone know what all this is about? Wouldn't want to use them - they suggest that you download forms including a 64-8!!! Any views would be appreciated.


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    I think they are a limited company:

    Name & Registered Office:
    Company No. 06507069

    and have only been incororpated sicne Feb 2008. I notice a comment

    " Please note, successful claims made through The Entitlements Agency will now show a £94 deduction for processing and administration"
    on their paperwork at

    which looks so much like HMRC standard issue documentation. This mob is obviously preying on naiive and vulnerable people. They should be stopped.

    I just found this too:

    The eco campaign (warmfront grants etc.) guess what companies house says about them?

    Name & Registered Office:
    Company No. 06340308

    Incorporated in October 2007 and their returns are overdue.
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    Thanks for those comments. Yes, the website does look very official and when it is offering money, you can understand people getting sucked in!
    What about this "tax credit" - what is it anyway?
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    It's the old Childrens Tax Credit.

    The proper tax credit as oppose to Labour's spin on the word 'benefits'.
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    Back in May of this year we sent this company the claim forms in and then realised that they were a "claims management company". The day after sending them recorded delivery we rang the company and cancelled the claim. We thought it was something to do with the HMRC as the website (back then) looked so much like it. They told us they had the forms in front of them and that they had destroyed them.

    I never heard anything back from them and on the very same day made our own claim to HMRC. Today I have received notification from HMRC that this company has received £597 of our money as "our agent". We rang the Tax Office and logged a complaint but was not allowed to cancel the cheque as the systems were down. I then rang the company and was each time passed over to an answer phone. I left several messages in a distraught manner and then rang the trading standards and again logged a complaint. They told me to write to the company and state that this claim was cancelled and that we demand the claim money of £597 be sent to us within 7 days. I then rang again and mentioned the trading standards and received a call from them later this afternoon to say that it was their mistake and that they would forward the full amount immediately by 1st class mail. Next the phone rang again and I was asked whether we had cancelled the cheque with HMRC as they would have to send us their own cheque. He said that they would be out of pocket by £597 if we had which is fair enought. I then had a thought and rang back (answer phone again) and asked if they could forward the actual HMRC cheque to us with a note from themselves stating that this needs to be cancelled and re-issued to us direct. (A way in which both are safe). Ifeel that they have ripped us off and by asking us not to cancel the cheque is probably a stalling method in that it gives them time to cash it.

    Time will tell as its been done now but what i have found out is that they are not regulated by the Ministry of Justice and that they are a claims management company (for a lot of different types of claims i have now found out) and that they are therefore probably operating contrary to the Compensations act of 2006 and the Compensation (claims management service) Regulations Act 2006 unless they are "exempt":001_rolleyes: . Ijust hope i get my money. If they pay then i shall post again to let you all know. I have had to join this site just to post this.:mad2:

    After research today they actually do the following to and not being regulated by the Ministry of Justice
    PPI reclaims, Debt handling, Tax Refunds, and Warm Front Schemes. If they are exempt then this is fair enough but if they should be regulated - why are they not?? Also why is each website when usually these address's are for non profit organisations. Makes you wonder???

    By the way, worked in a chartered accountants for 11 years before the family and enjoyed every minute of it, only a clerk:blushing:. Good luck all you students.
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