Anyone tried differnt distance learning providers?

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I am currently studying with BPP. I am though not impressed by their service and by the quality of their study materials (eg. Course companions contain many mistakes that are not always acceptable, pass cards are absolutely useless!). Could anybody who has tried different distance learning providers advise me on the matter?


  • Donna Webb
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    Hi, I have just started my distance learning at intermediate NVQ route with Kaplin training, I find the materials very good and the pass cards are very easy to follow. I have emailed my tutor several times and she has replied within 24 hours, rang her yesterday and she called me back within minutes. What are you studing at the moment, may be we could share some tips.
  • jim ready
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    Hi, Pingu, give Kaplan a go, I used them for advanced cert and didn't have any problems with them. Tutors seem to know what they are talking about too which always helps! Feel free to post any q's on here too and i'll have at answering them!!
  • pingu
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    Hi Donna, thank you for your reply. I will certainly follow your advice and give Kaplan a go. At the moment I am studying for Unit 5 and 31 on the Diploma Path. I am half way through the Unit 5 book and I have not found it too hard to understand. I have therefore decided to study for this one on my own. I am though still astonished because I still have not received any reply for some Unit 31 questions I emailed a week ago. And this is not the first time this happens.
  • pingu
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    Thank you jim! very nice of you.
  • katsutlieff
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    Pingu, I am also working on Unit 31, and am with BPP. I have had a few problems with the revision companion for this and emailed Clare Buck at BPP, she emailed me back immediately, give her a go.

    I have found them pretty useless as well. Tutors unfamilar with the course books, emails unaswered so as soon as I have completed my sim in October I'm moving on to Kaplan. Can't be any worse can they!!

    Good luck!!
  • Marta_B
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    Pingu, if BPP doesn't answer your question within two working days (I believe that's what they promise) email them again that you are unhappy about their service and give a high priority to your email. I did so and got my answer within minutes, but that was some simulation booking query.
    Anyway, I think I'll give Kaplan a go too. I'm tired with BPP. I have to admit, their books are easy to understand, but in the same time the exercise answers have got mistakes. That shouldn't be happening. I even found a mistake in my mock exam.
  • sebastianforbes
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    i think that you should be warned of this link before you make a final choice.
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