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Big Al
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Hi Guys

Just wondering if I can find out if anyone know's anywhere online that has a picture of an SA302 or SA310. Busting a guy but can't find one.

Other thing...

What happens when someone decides to go from self-employed to LTD half way through a tax year?

Am very sorry, at work on my own and doing some paperwork - no one to ask and I'll have to introduce myself another time!!

Thank you very much in advance (now get back to work!! :001_tongue:)



  • A-Vic
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    Not to sure on self employed bit but you can go self employed any time of year the person will then become employed by the business however will still have to completed the self assessment the corrisponding year.

    and try this link
  • --Andrea--
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    Going from self-employed to Ltd

    Hi Al,

    I don't know much about going from self-employed to Ltd, but I do know this bit...

    a self-employed person is a different entity from a Ltd company, so if as a self-employed person you may be due a tax rebate, it is may be better to change to a Ltd company after the year end, because any rebate would be lost, because it cannot be transferred to the Ltd company.

    Speak to your accountant, or the tax office who are very helpful.

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