Do I need a course to take simulations?

I'm sure I got a positive answer on this forum from bpp which unfortunately I can't find now. Now they are saying I cannot take unit 31 simulation with them as an external student, I need to do their course first. The reason is they don't have enough of computers, sounds... well, sounds like an excuse really to get me on their course.

Has anybody taken a simulation for any units as an external student? I don't think I need a course to be honest, it's a waste of money. I've already passed unit 5 & 6 exams and I didn't need their home study support even once. I'm not looking to have it done for free, I understand I have to pay for the simulation to the centre and that's what I'm looking for.


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    Hi Marta,
    If you manage to find out any info that is not posted here could you also let me know? I am currently in the same situation and just finishing Intermediate at the moment. I have done my Intermediate through my college however 100% all of my exam study I did at home myself and therefore wish to do the same with Technician but simulations then become an issue. Hope you find out what you need.
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    hi there,

    i have just completed aat.

    from my research and experience, you cannot complete any simulation unit without subscribing to a course... the cheapest being distance learning at approximately £135. i could never find anyone willing to just mark a simulation and report the result to the aat.

    i would recommend bpp for their customer service which is the best that i have encountered. ftc didn't have the software installed when i arrived to do the sage simulation so i had to do it entirely by excel spreadsheet !!!

    as you have already realized, you can study yourself at home and save a fortune. you can even get cheap text books off ebay although you must make sure that you have an up-to-date tax study text.
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    Thank you Sebastian. I think I will have to buy those courses for skill test units, but what about exams??? I've already posted an enquiry to aat asking if I need to arrange anything with the centres which are on externat student list (when you are entering the exam on aat website).

    I found it shocking what you said about ftc! Absolutely unbelievable that they claim money for something they cannot do right! Which ftc centre was it?
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    Just in case anybody ever needs that information:

    - SKILL TESTS - you have to be with a college/learning provider to take them

    - EXAMS - you can book them on AAT website, if you are an external student just choose a venue which is the best for you from the list of venues accepting external students. AAT does the rest for you (well you still have to take the exam :)).

    That's the response I got from aat. Thanks!
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