Still Waiting

PoppyPoppy Well-KnownPosts: 105Registered
Still awaiting my DFS Appeal, fed up waiting....

Tomorrow will be exactly four weeks, no idea why it's taking so long as had the other one back on the 3rd of September. Was also advised it was on a first come first served basis.

Has any one else had their feedback as no one has said.....


  • confused!!confused!! Well-Known Posts: 130Registered
    Hi Poppy

    I am also still waiting on my appeal from PEV! I know that there is a slim to zero chance that they will change my result, but id still like to hear back :-(
  • confused!!confused!! Well-Known Posts: 130Registered
    Hi Poppy

    What do you mean first come first serve basis? That they might not even look at some of the appeals?
  • PoppyPoppy Well-Known Posts: 105Registered
    No it just means they are marked in the order they come to them in. Got my last one back yesterday, they stated I'd done very well on the DFS Computations it was the written sections that let me down. At least I know where I need to work on.

    Fingers crossed for December and hopefully I'll be starting CIMA straight after with my works programme.

  • JamesJames Settling In Nicely Posts: 24Registered
    Which office does your feedback come from, is it the London office?
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