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I have been asked by a client whether we can transfer the activity from an existing company into another one of their companies. so that for this year they can submit dormant accounts for one company. However we have had transactions going through this year. Is is possible to transfer the activity or is this something that we would have to do from now going forwards so that next year the company would be dormant. The company that has the activity in is basically a holding company and has minimal transactions going through.

I haven't dealt with anything like this before so any advice on how to deal with this would be appreciated.


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    You can't transfer the activities/transactions of a company from one to another. If a company has made transactions in the period they must form the basis of the accounts.

    To make a Ltd company dormant you must:

    1.Pay off all creditors
    2.De-register for VAT
    3.Close down any PAYE scheme
    4. Close the bank account

    Hope that helps

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    A dormant limited company can have a bank account, it only has to have no significant accounting transactions. In our case we consider Companies House fees allowable but anything else (including accountancy bills) would make the company not dormant. Quite often a director is willing to pay accountancy fees personally for the convenience of filing dormant accounts.

    We have filed dormant accounts with share capital and bank accounts on their balance sheet. I don't see a reason why you would have to close down a paye scheme (although it would be sensible to do so) as long as there is no activity on it.
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    Thanks for your advice.:thumbup:
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