Should i do Intermediate level?

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Hi everyone!

Can some one please give me some advice on what to do. I have just completed foundation level and am in a dilemma if i should continue with Intermediate or not.
I am not working for any accountancy firm at the moment so am thinking that for Intermediate we might need some work based evidence, which i wont be able to provide.
Is it possible to complete this level even if u dont wrk in accounts? Also is it a big difference from Foundation to Intermediate?



  • square-peg
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    Hi Rose,
    I'm doing intermediate by distance learning and I'm not working at all, let alone in accountancy! I do simulations instead of work based evidence, so it's not a problem. I'm finding it ok and am thoroughly enjoying it as well. Good luck whatever you decide.
  • MrGofOxford
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    I did Foundation & Intermediate without working atall, so it's definately possible, however, I did it at college & the course was portfolio based rather than experience based so I'm not sure what the rules would be regarding working from home? Sorry I couldnt be of more help!
  • CJC
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    I'm self-employed and don't work in accounts. The only slight issues I had with this at any stage were with the Unit 10 project at Technician which required a little fancy footwork to fulfil the requirements but weren't really anything major.

    Intermediate is definitely a step up from Foundation in content but isn't particularly different in terms of requirements or the way it's assessed. If someone can pass Foundation, I see no reason – either in intellectual capacity or in their work circumstances – why they shouldn't be quite able to pass Intermediate.
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