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Well I've been working for a Construction firm in the accounts department for 2.5 years now whilst doing my AAT (Onto Technician level only have PEV & PCR left to do). My job is very very basic and does not have much to do with accounts even though it is the accounts departments it's more like an admin or clerical role plus pay is shockingly bad. I enjoy working here and I've stuck with it as it gives me some stability whilst I'm still learning and they're flexible with day release.

My plan is to go on to study ACA or ACCA (Which is a decision in itself) now as long as I pass exams in December I will have completed AAT so I was going to take a few months out and try to get into ACA /ACCA in September time.

Here is now what I have to decide or even find out whether it's plausable. I was considering either finding a new job with an accounting firm in January and then hoping they would put me through ACA or ACCA when September comes (Hoping to get the job early doors to get a bit of experience before I get to the next level). Otherwise I was going to stick with my crappy job and go for something around September time.

Anyone have any advice or suggestions?


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    You don't sound happy there, think you've answered your own question!
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    i really think that you need to look into the contract side of aca learning. icaew will require you to have experience in several different aspects of finance accounting as well as a mentor at work.

    this is the main reason why most people opt for acca (i believe).

    you must decide what qualification you want to follow and then choose appropriate employment.

    best of luck.
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