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Dear Member,
I am currently seeking professional cover in order to comply with the regulations for AAT members in practice. I would be in a position to reciprocate professional cover with you if your practice was not more than twice my current level and in Kent, East Sussex or London. The services I would cover are accountancy and taxation (not corporation, capital gains or inheritance).

I currently have clients which require me to work about one day a week in London. I expect this to remain fixed for the foreseeable future, but perhaps rising to an average of 1.5 days or decreasing to half a day in five years time when some of my clients may retire.

I spend Monday to Wednesday working for two local accountancy firms, but they are fairly flexible and these days could be altered. My time working for the accountancy firms does not require professional cover.

If we both agree to provide professional cover to each other I believe I need your AAT membership number and your full name and address for the members in practice application form.

If you require further details please let me know.

If you are unable to offer professional cover, perhaps you could pass my details to or suggest someone else who may be able to do so. Many thanks.

Yours sincerely,
Andrew Worwood

My contact details are as follows:
Mr A P Worwood - MAAT
Email: [email protected]


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    Hi there, are you still looking for cover?
  • yves
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    hi did you get some cover sorted

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