Help starting Unit 10


Am a bit stuck with what to do for my Unit 10. My company is fairly big, so there should be loads of problems to fix etc but I just can't think of any suitable for the project.

Any pointers???


  • katyt
    katyt Registered Posts: 9 Regular contributor ⭐ ? ⭐
    i had the same problem, but decided just to pick on one area. i decided on changing the way we pay our suppliers from chq to bac's, once you have decided on a area/problem then its not as bad as it looks
  • lizrochford
    lizrochford Registered Posts: 58 Regular contributor ⭐ ? ⭐
    perhaps think about the department you work in, its often easier to motivate and think of ideas if you have a working knowledge of a particular accounting function. I work in Purchase Ledger and can think of lots of areas payments, invoices, coding etc.
  • stevo1
    stevo1 Registered Posts: 27 ? ? ?
    thanks for the tips guys, I think I have been a wee bit guilty of trying to come up with a massive idea, rather than focusing on something a bit more simpler!

    However the prospect of coming up with something on a grand scale is still quite tempting!!!
  • Pigpen
    Pigpen Registered Posts: 331
    Trust me - Keep it simple - Apart from anything else the project is only supposed to be between 4 & 5 thousand words - Mine was 5300 but was accepted cos there was no waffle in it - i too was trying to think up something amazing but my tutor told me to keep it simple - I am so glad she did and mine is now finished -Hoorah
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