December Exams - What Units ??

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Hi All, I just yesterday received my books from BPP to do distance learning NVQ Technician level.
I am just a bit unsure what exams to sit in december - I am studying Units 8, 9, 10 , 11, 18 & 19.
I plan to sit 19 in December, 18 in June next year.
I was planning to sit unit 11 also in December - and all others in June but, having looked on other forums, I see a lot of people also sit unit 8 in December - what is best?


  • phunkyphantom22
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    Unit 10 is a project not an exam, so you can do that inbetween the Dec and June exams.

    It wouldn't really matter which exams you take in which sitting - it's really a personal choice of what you want to study and how much you think you can take on and cope with.

    The only advice I would give you is to sit units 8 and 9 in the same sitting as they relate to each other and if you are planning on going on a revision course, some of them are combined to cover both units.

    Why don't you stick to your original plan of doing both tax units and unit 11 in Dec and then do 8 and 9 in June? That means that you will have 3 exams to study for now and then only 2 to study for between Dec and June, giving you a bit of extra time to get the unit 10 project done?
  • taskey
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    i am sitting 8 & 9 in december, might do 11 as well, depending on how confident i feel. if not i will be doing the rest of them in june next year.

    hope that helps

  • George Tse
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    DFS and Business tax are probs the hardest units u probs best to sit them together n leave easy ones till last of vice versa !

  • toniizard
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    I haven't studied since 2001, so I'm just going to do the PTC and BTC in Dec and see how I go. I've already started BTC and although I'm finding the theory OK, remembering everything and applying to exam style questions is going to be an issue.

    This will leave 3 exams for me in June, but I figure Dec - June is a longer time than Sept - Dec!!

    Hopefully I can fit unit 10 in between, doing an hour or two a week.

    Good Luck..

  • Tom
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    thanks for your replies - i do not think i have enough time to study for 3 exams by december - so i am sticking to 11 + 19 now - and the rest in June. I plan to try to do most of 10 in Dec / Jan and then study hard for remaining 3 exams. If 8 & 9 are good to sit together + 18 is like 19, I will hopefully be OK!
    So far I am finding it hard to study every day - but am trying to fit in whenever possible !
    Thanks again for your comments.
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