Newly employed, need advice!

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I hope this is the right section to be asking this, but here goes:

I was recently (mid May 08) employed to do bookkeeping and accounts work in a firm in Sussex, but it unfortunately folded in August, while I was on holiay (so not my fault! :001_tt2: ).

Anyway, the directors are carrying on with a reduced form of the same enterprise, and my boss has said he's keeping me on, in fact apparently I'm increasing the days I work.

However, he has had a huge difficulty paying me this month, paying me in ad-hoc instalments during the month. I have finally been paid in full now, a mere 3 weeks after I should have been.

The problem is, he has paid only in cash, and has as yet given me no payslip (despite my repeated requests). I've had to accept the cash because I frankly can't manage without the money.

So how do I handle this the correct way? Obviously I intend to declare everything as a matter of principle, but I need to know where I stand. For instance, when I declare my income at the end of the year, will the Taxman land me with my own PAYE and NI bills, or will he automatically put it against my boss's account given that I have so clearly been a PAYE employee since May?

It's a worry. I'm currently working with the other staff to see if we can get some payslips from the stock cupboard and literally slap them down in front of him next time he pays us.


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    As your employer he is legally obliged to give you some form of pay advice detailing how much you have been paid and details of tax and NIC deductions. (Visit ACAS website) Your employer has to then pay these to HMRC on your behalf as well as Employer NIC's. This is important as it counts towards your pension. It sounds as though he is breaking HMRC regulations by not doing this.

    If your status with this company is self employed, you must declare this to HMRC who will send you some paperwork in order for you to pay your NIC monthly. You can do yourself a Tax return in April to calculate your tax owed.

    I hope this helps, perhaps your employer hasn't got a person to do his payroll yet. Put in a word for me and Ill do it.
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