What would you think of taking 3 exams in dec

hi guys lately i been thinkin of taking DFS, PEV and the PCR all in december as i wona be free mineded for the project and simulations, what would the pass rate be??:confused1::thumbup:


  • te170381
    te170381 Registered Posts: 26 ? ? ?
    i sat all three of these exams in june. I cant say it was easy. it was alot of hard work and study on my part, espciallyy with pev and pcr having low pass rates.
    Fortunately, i passed all thre, but it wasn't easy.
    Good luck
  • Pigpen
    Pigpen Registered Posts: 331
    Intending to take the same three and haven't opened my textbooks yet but once you start its ok - Can always re-sit in June :thumbup1:
  • CathG
    CathG Registered Posts: 145 ? ? ?
    I'm taking two in December - PEV and Business Tax. There's only nine weeks before the exams !

    What simulations are there in Technician I didn't think there were any?
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