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Hi everyone!
Does anyone use secondhand books to study AAT? To buy used books is much cheeper than new ones from college, but I do not completely understand how can I enroll for exams in the college not buying books from them? I 'm on the Diploma level now (homestudy) and have always bought books from college, they've sent me books and tasks and all information for my simulations. Now I'm planning to take Unit 10 and want to buy used book for that but ... will college give me a study case to complete the project if i buy book from someone else?


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    Is the name of your college Homestudy? Or do you mean that you are studying at home / distance learning?

    You can enrol exams at any college which allows distance learning students. However in the case of Unit 10 I think you'll have to pay for the course at a college because you need someone to mark it for you and take the place of your manager at work.
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