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Looking outside the office window today, a day when there is actually some sunshine in this country, am wondering how easy it would be to get employment in accounts somewhere warmer. France/Spain/Portugal etc
Obviously going to a country which I dont speak the lingo would be a hurdle but apart from that does anybody have any advice or stories on this subject?
Agencies which specalise in placing people in Accounts jobs abroad?


  • Esme
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    I don't know about European countries, but I know that the AAT has a link with the Australian equivalent. I think that you would be able to get a job over there quite easily.. and that is one of the most popular countries to move to, I have lots of friends over there at the moment.
  • aatfree
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    Really? How would one go about getting a job in Australia?
  • Esme
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    This is from the AAT website, the bit which says about after study options...

    The agreement between the AAT and the National Institute of Accountants of Australia (NIA) has resulted in the creation of AAT (Australia) and NIA recognition for AAT full members who want to work in Australia. In the future these benefits will also extend to AAT student members who wish to continue their training in Australia. The agreement means that AAT members will be able to transfer their membership to the NIA.

    For more information:
    NIA - National Institute of Accountants
    National Institute of Accountants
    PO Box 18204
    Collins Street East
    Melbourne VIC 8003 Australia

    Tel: +61 (3) 8665 3100
    Fax: +61 (3) 8665 3130

    The NIA also has offices in: Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney.
  • SalinaA
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    Ah wow Im so looking that up when Im done with my AAT!!! How much better can it get! I've always wanted to get out of this horrible weather :001_smile:
  • Jason1312
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    Are there any links between the AAT and equivalent associations in Japan? I've always fancied living in Japan!!
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