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I'm not strictly a MIP but I'm guessing you guys might be able to help answer this for me...
I've just finished my AAT this year... I've been offered a job (i didn't apply!) with a small company as accountant. Sounds great near to home good pay flexible working etc etc.... The problem is they use sage line 50 Financial controller. I've no experience in using it.... aside from a three month temp position years ago just entering and paying bills...
The Question is how hard can it be????? They are not worried they think I'll pick it up??? The job involves day to day transactions, management accounts etc etc. There is no team of accounts.... will be just me and an the moment they outsource to a book keeper.
What do you think, I don't want to be out of my depth..... I have experience in other programs ...
Any Help appreciated??


  • King of the Mountains
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    I have used Sage for 7 years. I just self taught with the help of the manual which they should have. I'm sure you will have no problem and good luck with the job what a fantastic opportunity!
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    The first time I used sage I hadn't actually had any accounting experience at all, I was just starting out. I found it very user friendly, and comprehensive, and the fact that you have finished your AAT I think you'll be fine as you can just apply your knowledge to the programme. The programmes "help" button is quite good too. Good luck with the job
  • mc25
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    Congrats!! on the new job, I am sure you will be fine so dont let the opportunity go away. Sage is very user friendly. Good luck
  • Poodle
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    You will befine.

    If you have completed AAT the Sage will be a doddle.

    If they have the latest 2009 version of Sage then this has little tutorials on the actual navigation bar showing you how to do the more common things like entering supplier invoices and reconciling the bank account.

    There is also a demo company and practice company so you can practice posting before actually entering onto your company data.

    And if you get stuck, post your problem here .There are loads of people who use Sage who will help

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