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Just completed AAT diploma via homestudy and looking towards studying CIMA or ACCA.

Firstly, can you study ACCA if you are working in industry or do you have to be in practice?

Also, do you think it possible to study either of these as homestudy and is there a time limit in which you need to complete the qualification? Just a little concerned as I work full time and have 2 young children to look after and wouldn't want to take on more that I can manage :001_unsure:

Feedback much appreciated


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    Firstly, congrats on completing AAT! Feels good to be done doesn't it! :001_smile:

    Yes, you can study ACCA in industry. I think you might be thinking of ACA (ICAEW) where you have to work for a sponsored employer to be able to do it?

    Yes it is possible to study it as a home study course and many people do, although I would recommend trying to go on the revision courses to help you pass the exams.

    I don't about ACCA but with CIMA you have to complete it within 10 years.
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    There is currently no time limit on CIMA examinations, although they are thinking of introducing a maximum of 4 sits per paper. However, with CIMA you must complete your work experience log within 4 years (used to be 5) of taking the final examination. ACCA require you to complete their examinations within 10 years of registering as a student, but there is nor time limit on submitting your work experience.

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    Thanks both for your replies:thumbup1:
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