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I am just about to start down the long road of doing AAT. I'm going to start at level 3 intermediate diploma route due to past experience and previous qualifications. I guess my ultimate goal is to become self-employed and a MIP, however I understand that you need 12 months work experience first and it can not be back dated to before you registered to become a student.
How can you get work experience whilst self-employed, also are there work opportunites with other MIP's to gain experience and an income whilst studying.




  • sai sari
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    Self Employed MIP

    Hi Richard,

    I just completed 3 years study with the aat, and am also self employed.

    Regarding the experience. If you do your own accounts, and have an accountant who does your year end accounts, speak with him. He may be willing to sign you off, enabling you to be a MIP. If you don't have an accountant, you should get one, as this will be the only option for you.
    Full details relating to this are on this website.

    I also need to speak to my accountant to see if he will be willing to sign me off based on the fact that I do most of the work, VAT, day books, trial balance etc.

    I am also looking for employment in practice, but my self employment experience, as well as being aat qualified has not led to any job interviews just yet, and it is not going to be as easy as I originally thought.

    If you ever find any info on how to get on the employment ladder, please pass it on, and I will do the same.

    And I thought getting on the property ladder was bad enough!!!

    Speak to you soon.

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