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Please could someone help me. I have to do a tax compution which includes a pension scheme.

Question: Max is employed as an adminstrator at a basic gross salary of £23,500 per year. Out of this his employer deducts £100 per month contribution to an approved pension scheme Max Piad £5,533 under PAYE.

How do i work this out?


  • umerali2003
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    Salary 23500
    less occupational pension (1200)
    Total 22300
    P.A (5225)
    Total 17075

    2230@10% = 223
    14845@22% = 3265.9

    Tax liability 3488.9
    PAYE (5533)

    Tax Repayable (2044)
    well i have gone through the question with full concentration i hope so this is the right answer firstly its an occupational pension scheme so we dont have to extend the basic rate band
    2ndly £100 contripution is for 1 month so we divide that with 12
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