Option Units


Is it possible to pick more than 2 option units ???

For Example; Business Tax, Personal Tax and Auditing ?

Or is it limited to only 2 that we can pick ???



  • vishavisha Well-Known Registered Posts: 218
    you can choose as many as you like provided your college agrees to that.
  • AdamRAdamR Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 668

    Are you by any chance chasing ICAEW exemptions? Lol. Yes it's perfectly possible to do more than two options, although expect to be charged an additional fee for the third subject if the rest has already been paid for - I took the same three options you are enquiring about and had to pay £100 + VAT for the third, the Audit Simulation.

    Hope this helps, and good luck!
  • Gentle JesusGentle Jesus Well-Known Registered Posts: 241

    You are right, lol ! :D I am chasing exemptions for ACA ! But im not sure if I wanna do ACCA instead yet wot do you guys think ?

    Do you know if I will have to do any topup exams? I know that there will be one for financial accounting for ACA but will there be any others ?

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