Unit 10 - HELP!!!

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Im currently trying to start Unit 10 and am at a total loss about what to do, how to lay it out or anything .. writing has never been my strong point .. thats why im trying to work with numbers :001_smile:
I work for a small construction firm, which when i started were just keeping a manual ledger book. Ive changed this to an Excel based double entry spreadsheet system (as couldnt afford Sage) with reconciliations for the PLCA, SLCA, CIS, Payroll and Bank, which i figure should be something i can write about for my project.
The problem is is when i start trying to analyise the current system i just get lost and start waffleing ...
Any help appreciated!


  • speegs
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    Hi Becki

    If you take a look the BPP book for unit 10 it is brilliant. It literally spoon feeds you through the project and tells you what sort of thing you should write in each section. Also, the student resources on this website give you a very good idea on how to lay out your report/project.

    As for your idea for writing about how you computerised your manual system I think this would make an excellent project.

    Give me a shout if you need more help. You can private message me and I will give you my email contact if you need anymore help.

  • welshwizard
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    I would agree with Speegs, the BPP book is brilliant and also gives you suggested formats for things such as Fraud Matrix (hint, hint). If you are unsure of this unit, it would be worth investing in the book.
  • Jason1312
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    I'm new on these boards!!

    I am using the Osbourne Books guide to unit 10.

    It's a great guide, however, I feel that the guides that are on the website, are rather good as regards with help and assistance.
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