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Hi - hope someone can provide some assistance here!

We have just started the new college year at the intermediate level. Our tutor has advised us that a new requirement of studying AAT at NVQ level is that we must show that we have approx. 10 days experience in some sort of accounting role.

Has anyone else studying been told of this?

I think I may be able to just provide a witness statement from my employer stating that I do work within an accounting environment, but should they include anything specific that is job related.

Thanks peeps!


  • A-Vic
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    We havnt been asked to do this but i completed some on-line and they should be getting in tounch with my employer soon to sign it off (i hope)
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    I am studying the NVQ route also but haven't been told this. i know we have to produce a portfolio with work based evidence but i thought that this was enough to prove that i am working in an accountancy environment! do i need to send something off also?
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