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Hi Everyone,

I did my first year at college but now I am studying with Premier Training and wondering where I will sit the exams in December. I have not enroll yet but I am going to do so soon and I would like to know where I will sit the exams. Does anybody study with Premier Training where did you sit the exams? I live in London.

Thank you


  • Richard
    Richard Registered Posts: 373
    When you register for your exams, AAT will provide you with a list of exam centres that accept external students, just choose the nearest venue to where you live.
  • gillwilson
    gillwilson Registered Posts: 41 ? ? ?

    I did intermediate at college and just signed up with Premier Training for technician. Their centre is at Immingham near Grimsby - you can sit your exams there or as an external student as Richard said.

    I am enjoying working at my own pace, and the Osbourne books that Premier use are very good. I used Kaplan last year and am finding the Osbourne ones alot better.

    I wish you all the best

  • Esme
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    I did my foundation and now doing intermmediate with premier training.

    When u register online for the exam you can chose the nearest centre to you.
  • nattybatty75
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    i study with premier training and live in London and i sat my FRA and ECR exams as an external student at London SAM
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