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sai sari
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I recently completed three years study with the AAT to better qualify myself, and to improve my prospects, and am now looking for work.
Unfortunately, it seems that prospective employers require 2 or 3 years hands on accounting experience in practice, which I do not have. However, I am currently self employed, run my own business, and do my own accounts, but this experience seems to count for nothing.

Is there anyone who could recommend any programs to get newly qualified accounting technicians on the employment ladder, such as an apprentice scheme, or some other rout?

Any comments would be greatly appreciated



  • MrGofOxford
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    If I were you I would just ignore the experience bit when applying & then explain your situation when you get to meet the potential employer, It all depends on what area of accounts you are hoping to go into, eg, if you are looking to be a chartered accountant's assistant then your experience of dealing with your own business accounts will be very valuable compared to somebody who has been working in Purchase Ledger for 3 years.

    When you are filling in application forms, don't be afraid to tell them that you did your own accounts for years in the "past experience" section, if you think that experience is relevant to the job then you have to include it, because the chances are the employer will think that it's relevent too. I can see that you would have problems getting references etc, because you can't write yourself one! But why not present some of your work to the employer to show them what you're capable of?

    I reckon the best chance for you would be to look for accountants in your area who maybe looking for a bookkeeper (up to trial balance). It pays between £10-20 p/h & can provide that much-needed experience.

    Whatever you do, don't give up now after you just put 3 hard years into it! You've done the hard bit already! GOOD LUCK!
  • MrGofOxford
    MrGofOxford Registered Posts: 22 New contributor 🐸
    BTW, I didnt mention before, there is a section for accounts "traineeships" on this website, somewhere on, also on It's quite typical to have a lower salary when applying for this stuff though, technically after NVQ4 you are qualified enough to be manager of a finance team, so it just depends in the confidence in your own abilities, nobody will be confident in your abilities if you're not, so get your ego on & get out there!
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