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Is anyone out there doing or has done all the units at technician level - both the tax papers and the auditing and cash management units.

I work in practice and decided to leave, so I chose the auditing and cash management units. I have now found a really great job in practice and now probably need to do the tax units.

Premier training have told me it is possible and would make it a really great qualification to hold. Plus it does keep my options open.

I am not worried about the work load but am wondering if anyone else has done this and how did they find it? Or am I being crazy?

I do plan to do ACCA afterwards.

Thank you



  • Bluewednesday
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    I did 3 units at technician, both taxes and cash management but if you are going on to ACCA I wouldn't bother as you will cover both taxes and more in the business tax paper. AAT was a great grounding but if it will delay you going on to ACCA it wouldn't be worth it.

    Why don't you opt to take the ACCA tax paper as your first paper to cover the knowledge that you might need? As you don't need to take the papers in order any more that could be a good solution
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