Anyone studying the AAT as a result of being made redundant?

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Hello everyone,

I work in PR here at the AAT. I am looking for some case studies of people who are studying the AAT as a result of either being made redundant; or in case they are made redundant.

As we all know, the financial climate is looking rather gloomy at the moment. Any advice, tips that you might be able to give to anyone who might be in a similar situation would be very helpful.

Please PM if you have a story.

Thank you so much,


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    I am and I would PM you if I couldbut the forum won't let me.

    It takes about 3 or 4 goes to post a reply but can't PM at all. Try PM me and I will see if it lets me reply.
  • The Accounting Biker
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    Hi, that makes two of us then! :cursing:

    I can't pm you either, if you pm me I'll let you have my story...:crying:

  • John
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    Me too - in housebuilder as co director for last 10 years but it wont last much longer. Bank want their money back, have added 3% to borrowing rate due to their increased risk and houses not selling.
  • NickyB
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    Keep them coming ...

    Thanks to everyone who has responded so far. I really appreciate it.

    I have PM'd everyone who has posted. But, if anyone else is in a similar situation, please get in touch. It's your stories that people want to hear.

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