Another thread on Unit 10! Help needed finishing it..

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Hello all,

I have just about managed to finish my project - well I have all the meat in it just need to check the spelling and index it etc.

However, the bit that I am getting stuck on is the Executive Summary. Do I just write about the option that I have chosen to recommend? Or do I go into further detail as to why I discounted the other options?

To write about all the other ones seems to be to a bit waffley although if I just write about the one that I recommend it amounts to about 2 lines!

Any tips or suggestions? Am I barking up the wrong tree altogether with this?

Thanks all


  • visha
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    Executive Summary

    A brief summary of the issue the report will deal with, the measures implemented and results achieved.

    This can also be called management summary or report summary. The idea of this is that a senior manager could read just the summary and have a good understanding of why the report was written and the outcomes.

    This will probably be one of the last things you write, as it is an overview of the whole report, draw out the key points you have made in the body of the report.

    It should be one paragraph of the key factors of the report that clearly identifies the changes made and the impact of these on the organisation. It should capture the reader and make them want to read the report to understand how you will achieve these outcomes

    The above is what is being said about Executive summary some where on the AAT website.

    Mainly I would write about the cost savings that you have recommended plus a single line on the training needs of the employees, contingency plan of each accounting department and any single major problem that you have identified as a weakness.

    hope this helps
  • rebeccas
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    Hi Visha

    Thanks for your reply - it is very useful!

  • mark130273
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    can anyone send me a sample project to see what they are meant to be looking at !!! i havent got the foggiest what htey really want !
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    Join the club I have asked my learning provider about it as well and did not get much of an answer.

    I have also been trying to find the AAT simulation for people who don't work in accounting as I am in a small company and don't think I can get enough details for my report but I can't find it.
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