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Im really struggling 2 find a job that i enjoy in accounts! I am almost AAT qualified, just need to re-sit my PEV exam in dec!

When i first started foundation i wanted to go into Practice accounts n do the whole accounts fing from start to finish but really struggled to find a job without the accountants wanting previous experience! I then ended up goin into the Public Sector workin for a well known company but the money was poor n the employers didnt appreciate the employees so i left to work for a small company in the twn i live!
I have absolutely no wrk to do but as i am on £14k and it is on my doorstep it is hard to find a betta paying job! Also, afta completing AAT i want to go onto ACCA or CIMA but my employers have no interest in me at all!
I still really want to go into practice accounts but am worried that i will then have quite a large pay cut because i havent worked in that kind of job b4?
I really cnt afford this as i am currently buying a house n have recently found out i am pregnant!?
Can anybody help? I am from Mid Wales - Powys to be exact - I wud really appreciate sum advise or any ideas of job opportunities?
Please help


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    1st off - CONGRATULATIONS!:thumbup:

    Moving on: I may not have read the post thoroughly enough, but are you actually unemployed right now, or just seeking to get out of the rut you're in with your current employer?

    Assuming you're still employed at the local place on 14k:

    Stay there, is my advice. Just sit on the job, as in our current climate, and with your current situation, any job is better than no job at all.

    Also, do you really think you can handle ACCA/CIMA once your little bundle of joy turns up?

    I would recommend you get some 2nd hand textbooks and online resources for ACCA/CIMA and use them to read over the next 9 months. As you find you get less mobile towards the end of your term, you should find more time to read (in theory!!):tongue_smilie:. If you can plough through those books over the upcoming year, it'll give you a headstart in ACCA when you do finally get ur big break! :)
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    all i can say is .......good luck taken me 18 months of trying and finally got one this week ......

    there is hope for us all
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    Join recruitment agencys evertime ive needed a job they have sorted me out in a matter of weeks. Try the SF group, Accountancy additions etc! Google Accountancy Recruitment (Hometown) and sign on to all that is to offer!.!
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