Dfs newton ltd for premier!

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Has anyone completed this assignment yet? If so what are the final figures that you are getting? I am confusing myself big time! :001_unsure:


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    Re: Newton


    The answers to Newton are:-

    Reconciliation of profit from operations to net cashflow from operations £3,873,000

    Cashflow statement -

    Net decrease in cash and cash equivalents (310,000)
    Cash & cash equivalents at beginning of year (110,000)
    This figure must balance to figure at bank (420,000) Overdrawn

    I know these figures are correct.

    Hope they help a little.


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    Thank you this helps me alot!!! Stella.
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    On this subject has anyone done the cash flow statement for Dawson Ltd on page 30 - no.12. What is the net cash flow from operations? And what does the cash flow statement balance to? Many thanks
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