Unit 10 -fraud


i have started my project, and i am doing it of fraud instead on accounting, as i dont work for an accounting firm.

i will do reccomendations and change a method in how the deal with it.

is this ok?



  • Monsoon
    Monsoon FMAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 4,071 ? ? ?
    I don't know, I'd double check with your mentor. :)
  • garry_coombs
    garry_coombs Registered Posts: 108 ? ? ?
    From the way my teacher has been talking thats the sort of thing we are supposed to do it on.

    Apparently I will find it hard due to working in practice, plus i have no imagination.
  • Gem7321
    Gem7321 MAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 1,438
    I wouldn't have thought so - the clues in the name: Managing Accounting Systems and People. But if that's what your tutor said I guess it's OK?
  • MrGofOxford
    MrGofOxford Registered Posts: 22 Dedicated contributor ? ? ?
    Yeah It sounds a bit dodgey to me! Check it out directly with the AAT because your tutor is not always 100% right! When i read the guidelines it's quite hard to imagine doing the project about fraud, maybe fraud prevention measures if thats what you mean but I can't see where you'd go with it
  • 118 11kate
    118 11kate Registered Posts: 115 ? ? ?
    I dont work in accounting and I did my project on Health & Safety Training, as long as you do all the PC's the project can be on anything you like just don't make it too difficult because the harder you make it the more you have to do.

    Any questions just drop me a line :001_smile:
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