My Website - Thoughts?

I've been asked by a couple of clients to set up a website, so I'm resurrecting my old webdesign skills and making a site to portfolio my Accounts stuff and Illustration work.


Would you tell me what you think of it? :001_tt2:

I need to know what percentage of you don't see it very well (I've done some technical jiggery-pokery with the layout which may not result in all browsers, especially old Internet Explorer versions).

Is it too slow to load? That kinda stuff :)


  • NickyB
    NickyB Staff Posts: 35 ? ? ?
    Hello Chris

    I tried it at the AAT but all I can see is a blue screen.

    Hope that helps
  • Monsoon
    Monsoon FMAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 4,071 ? ? ?
    Ooh its different. I kinda like it!
    I take it it's just a front page at the moment, no content?
    Gets the thumbs up from me on design, but then I like things different.

    My goodness, I'm even complimenting a blue accountants website (check them out - they are 90% blue, I kid you not, and I can't stand them, haha)

    Nice work :thumbup1::thumbup1::thumbup1:
  • square-peg
    square-peg Registered Posts: 143 ? ? ?
    disappearing replies again!

    hey - what happened to my reply?! Damn these disappearing messages!!!

    Hi Chris,
    very snazzy.....! Worked fine for me, assuming it's a front-page only at the moment.

    Re your signature quote - that'd be one heck of a pee! :001_tt2:
  • Raging Pineapples
    Raging Pineapples Registered Posts: 110 ? ? ?
    Lol, I was wondering how long it'd be till someone understood it! :P
  • square-peg
    square-peg Registered Posts: 143 ? ? ?
    Lol, I was wondering how long it'd be till someone understood it! :P

    lol......can't claim to have been clever enough to have understood it.......just thought 'oooh...I wonder what that means' so I pasted it into google heck of a cheat!!! :tongue_smilie:
  • Victoria
    Victoria Registered Posts: 18 Dedicated contributor ? ? ?
    Just thought i'd let you know all i could see was a blank blue screen too!:huh: im sure it looks great though!
  • square-peg
    square-peg Registered Posts: 143 ? ? ?
    square-peg wrote: »
    Worked fine for me

    BTW - in case it helps to know, as some can't see it and some can, I'm running Vista and IE7.
  • MrGofOxford
    MrGofOxford Registered Posts: 22 Dedicated contributor ? ? ?
    Sorry mate, just a blue screen for me too! BTW, did you see the response to my question "Self-employed after AAT"? I posted it on the "members" section rather than "students" & got a far better response, some really helpful info there.
  • A-Vic
    A-Vic Registered Posts: 6,970
    Nope sorry nothing here either
  • Raging Pineapples
    Raging Pineapples Registered Posts: 110 ? ? ?
    Could you let me know what version of IE you're using if you can't see it? I'm guessing IE6 or lower...

    I was hoping Microsoft had managed to get more people using IE7 by now :(
  • AdamR
    AdamR Registered Posts: 668
    IE7 was an automatic update a few months back but if there are more people like me out there that don't like the format of IE7 and prefer IE6 then I'm afraid no amount of bullying by microsoft will make us change our minds and upgrade!:laugh:

    Can you not change the format to allow IE6 and lower to access your site?

    Best of luck

    Adam Reece
  • Raging Pineapples
    Raging Pineapples Registered Posts: 110 ? ? ?
    More likely I'll make a slightly dialled-down version for IE6 and lower, and get it to switch.

    The problem is that IE has always been far behind the times - for instance, the reason it's not displaying my site is because I'm using alpha-channelled PNG files. These work on every browser on earth... except IE6 or lower:thumbdown:

    And because MS changed the layout to that nasty new design, no one wants to upgrade, it seems!

    Nothing's ever simple when Microsoft are involved:001_tongue:
  • CJC
    CJC Registered Posts: 1,657
    That alpha channel thing with IE6 is a real pain though I try to limit use of pngs simply as much as I can simply because of the size issue. I've seen figures of 25% of people still using IE6. If only people would use a standards complent browser like firefox or opera it would make us poor old designers' lives much easier :)

    BTW if you didn't know there is a way you can run multiple versions of IE on a single computer – really useful for testing. It's not hugely complicated to set up but a little involved, drop me a PM if you're interested.

    And getting on my high horse, mixing up layout with content in HTML such as using tables is a big no-no in my book both as a point of principle and for practical reasons too. You can and should do it all with CSS.

    Nice design and snazzy Illustrator work all the same though.
  • Ponder
    Ponder Registered Posts: 97 ? ? ?
    Hello There,

    I checked it out in i.e 7 and in firefox3 and was working and visable in both.
    Slightly longer to load in i.e than firefox id say.
    Do the words in the centre of the page have links or anything linked to them? If they do then does not work in either..

    Good start for sure, keep going!
    PAMDILL Registered Posts: 721 ? ? ?
    I can see it fine in my firefox browser also.
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