MAC June 2008 - Task 1.3

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I have attempted this past paper today, and worked out my answer to task 1.3 (a) as follows:

where it asked for the budget to be recalculated, for July, I used the b/forward of 30,000, added the 240,000 expected enquiries and deducted the 20,000 to be carried forward to August. This gave me a total of 250,000 enquiries to be processed for the month. 20% of these are to be reviewed, therefore, my answer was 50,000 making a total of 300,000 enquiries and reviews for July.

However, the AAT answer is 290,000 - they have added to 50,000 reviews onto the 240,000 expected enquries, and then carried this figure forward to part (b) to calculate the labour hours.

Further on in this question, part (e) asks for the labour hours cost budget. The information states that all staff took 35 hours paid leave in August, however, in their cost budget they have only calculated the cost of the actual hours worked, and not included the paid holiday.

The answers and calculations for task 1.3 contradicts the way task 1.1 was calculated, when they are asking for the same type of budget to be produced.

Is there an error with the answer paper, or am I getting confused!!


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    june 2008 Mac 3.1

    I got the same answer as you 250k *20% = 300k
    I think they have made a mistake in the answer.
    Its no wonder people have appealed this year
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