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Dear all,

My partners sister is doing a research project for her degree and one of the tasks is to discuss the problems accountants who work in proffessional firms have when it comes to accounts preparation i.e. getting disclosures issues right, what acounting firms frequently get wrong and dealing with complex issues and how CPE help them. Does anyone know of a link that discusses such problems?
Any help greatfully appreciated.



  • Nilesh Mandvia
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    Have a look at the following thread and link.

  • cornflower
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    Wow thanks for that link Nilesh sounds just like what she needs.:001_smile:

    Thank you also peugeot steve:thumbup1:

    carrie x
  • peugeot
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    Thanks to Nilesh for providing the link to my article on AccountingWeb.

    There is a follow-up to my "Overcome your Disclosure Problems" article which may also be relevant to your friend called "Overcome your Audit Problems" which I wrote from the same perspective as the disclosure one. It can be found under 'features' in the 'Practice Zone' or in the 'Financial Reporting' zone.

    Best regards
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