Unit 10 'Recommendations' section

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Yay, another topic about Unit 10!

It's fairly straightforward though. I'm using the AAT-provided guideline as to what sections to include, and I've come to the Recomendations part (insert dramatic music please! Dun-Dun-DUNNN!! Thankyou).

Now, my project in brief is this:

Two branches, one big, one small. Big one does accounting for little one. Little one sends heinous amounts of paperwork to Big one. Big one processes in software and sends heinous amounts back, but also keeps heinous amounts onsite to make querying easier.


Big and Little branches join 21st century. Remote Access technology, and just a pinch of broadband, enable Little branch to carry out its own darned bookkeeping and interface electronically with servers in Big branch.

Big and Little branches both save heinous amounts of paperwork. All smiles. :)

My question is, have I just written you the sum total of my Recommendations section? Or do I need to go into detail about the actual specific processes involved, such as the writing up of training manuals, organising of training day with key staff, the redundancy of the part-time bookkeeping staff currently handling the duplication process, etc? When these have already been mentioned in passing in other sections of the report?

Should I just crawl under my bed and die? They're all valid questions.:thumbup:
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