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Gianfranco Zola
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I'm a full AAT Member, currently studying towards the ACCA, but I have a problem. The job I'm in at the moment does not supplement my studies, nor does it give me a chance to put what I've learnt into practice.

I would love to work in Practice for a firm of accountants who would give me the chance to gain experience and progress, but everytime I register with an agency they always tell me "You won't be able to get a job in practice without experience" - so how do you get this experience if noone's willing to give you a chance?

I'm finding it difficult not to get despondent and jacking in the ACCA.

I'm sure there are many people in a similar situation to me, and would be willing to hear anyone's thoughts or advice.




  • Victoria
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    i disagree with what the agency is saying. i currently studying AAT and have just been employed by an accountancy firm who have offered to pay the bill. i have no current experience in the work place (i was straight out of college). A lot of firms want people who aren't experienced so they can train people in the way they like things done. don't lose heart, there will be a firm out there who will want you despite not having experience, i'm living proof! just keep trying!

    good luck!
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