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I am extremely worried abouth this year, I have just started the technician level.

The tutor has said that we need to make sure that we complete unit 10 before the end of Dec because she says that we will not have the time to do it after xmas, as we will then be working towrds the two tax units and another unit.

As it is I am struggling to find time to do the unit 10, even now because I seem to spend my spare time trying to learn the management accounting units that we are doing now, and have two exams for in Dec.

I know my tutor last year said that this year was going to be big, but I thought I would be ok because I work part - time.


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    I know it is easier said than done but try not to worry yourself to much; I was in the same situation as you this time last year... and after getting over the first hurdle of actually starting unit 10 (which i found the hardest part - deciding what to base my report on!) I found that it wasnt actually too time consuming. If I found that i had a spare 30mins I would pick the report up as it was much easier to stop and start than actual revision for DFS...

    Hope all goes well for you.. and try not to panick as im sure it will all work itself out :001_smile:
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