Setting up Sage systems - What fee?

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I am thinking about becoming an MIP in the near future, providing bookkeeping and specialising in setting up new Sage, MYOB, QuickBooks systems etc.

Reading AAT's articles on charge-out rates, it mentions that a member would probably charge hundreds of pounds per hour compared to the usual monthly bookkeeping service charge per hour. After research, it seems most bookkeeping rates fall between £10-20 per hour.

Does anyone have any info on how much to charge for setting up a new accounting system, getting all the paperwork, calculating opening balances, doing the reconciliations and setting up reports, etc?

Any help would be MUCH appreciated.


  • Poodle
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    Hi Sar

    The AAT sent me 'The Professional' by email today with a link to just the subject of charging.

    I would love to let you have details but, unfortunately the link could not find the page:laugh::laugh:

  • SummerOaks
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    charge out rate

    I have been a sage trainer for years. Depends on what part of the country your in but I would recommend anything from £35 per hour upwards plus mileage. Hope that helps.
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