Nonhlanhla Malinga
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Help me with section 2 in pev what i need to know to be successful


  • Marg22
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    You need to learn all the ratios for section 2. I started off by rote learning at first and then after persevering I find that know I do actually understand all the ratios. Keep looking at them and reading the chapter relating to them it will come easier if you keep trying.

    Looking at the past exam papers is a good example of what will be expected.


  • welshwizard
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    After June's paper, I would say you need to know exactly what the examiner was thinking when they wrote the blooming paper in the first place. Section 2 is hard enough but when you get questions like that one you really need a lot of luck to get you through.

    Seriously, try to complete all the past papers without referring to the suggested answers. This should give you an indication of where you are at with your revision. You have 6 weeks or so before the exam (sorry) so you have time to brush up on bits and pieces. Personally, I found the earlier papers better - I think they were well written but, the in last 2 years or so, there seems to have been a real difference in the examiner's style of writing.

    Just being able to regurgitate ratios isn't enough to pass, you need to be able to explain the significance of each one and apply this to the scenario as well.

    Also, refer to the unit performance specs to ensure you are competent and capable in all areas.

    Good luck.
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