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I have entered for the unit 5 exam via the AAT's website, by regsitering for My AAT and putting in details of where I am taking the exams.

Have I correctly entered for the exam? As I understand there is a method of entering via post?

Any replies would be really appreciated.



  • Victoria
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    Yeh thats fine, you can enter via either method. you should see on your home page now down the side a section called exam details and in there you will see it all confirmed. also by entering online you now can receive you exam results online too! which is much more efficient than by paper!

    victoria x
  • Mikeyabosbht
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    Thanks a lot for your reply, Victoria.

    I log in to My AAT and click on exam details and down the page there is a grey box under the place I am set to take in the exam. Does that sound alright to you? Sorry just paranoid...!!

    You know, I would appreciate your advice, although it is slightly off-topic.
    How much harder is the unit 11 Drafting Financial Statements exam compared to, say unit 5? Its just I did a companies exam in A2 accounting. I studied things like bonus and right issues, cash flow statements to comply with FRS 1, you know, reconciling operating profit ....to net cash inflow and investor ratios, P/E, EPS, dividend yield. And would much rather do that than the costing exam - unit 6. If that sounds like what anyone studied while doing that exam, that is great.

    Anybody's advice here would be great.

  • Victoria
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    Hello again,

    i just had a look on my exam details and on my page there is the grey box but in the grey box it says what exam i entered for. maybe your computer has an issue with that section, have you tried logging in on a different computer?

    I'm not much help on your second question but i did A2 accounting also and learnt all those things too however i am doing ECR unit 6 and FRA unit 5. not the other unit and they are so easy. it is identical to the a level but on an easier level i think.

    anyway i hope i was of help!

    Victoria x
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