Any1 doing the unit 10 AAT simulation??

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Im using the AAT simulation- Premier Office Supplies Ltd for my unit 10.
Finding it difficult to get started :confused1:
Anyone else doing it got any feedback?? :001_smile:


  • mark130273
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    we got told about this project thing last night...

    i havent got a clue whats going on with it and what they really want..

    im not in an acounting job ,so im going to have to do the simulation......

    but hes not really looking at it properly till after the exam !!!

    i want to stat now....3000-4000 words !!!!
  • rowena
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    :confused1:Yep, I'm finding this one a bit tricky to start!! Try looking at the figures first before you start processing all the blurb. I can see something but don't know what!! Any help?
  • lork
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    Start with a SWOT analysis: examine the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of the whole company. For example, one weakness is that few people within the accounts department have accounting qualifications or experience. Once you've done the SWOT analysis you need to narrow it down and decide which area you could write the most about and put forward the best suggestions for improvement.

    You may find it useful to buy one of the Unit 10 books which will guide you through each section of the project.

    I personally found this case study fairly straightforward, with plenty to write about, and am just finishing off my first draft. Good luck!
  • visha
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    Why don’t you start with a construction of an organisational chart? This will help you cover for K&U 11, KU12 and KU13

    While reading about each employee and preparing the chart why don’t you also have a page for each employee with following headings:

    Past working experience
    Present working experience
    Training needs

    Complete each section for all the employees.

    The above analysis will help you cover PC10.1B. PC10.1C and PC10.1F

    Lork’s suggestion for SWOT will help you to cover PCs for 10.2
    PAMDILL Registered Posts: 721 πŸ’« 🐯 πŸ’«
    I posted on this threade a couple of days ago but it has not shown, where can I get the AAT simulation?

    Not getting much help from Kaplan when I ask about it.
  • S11AHS
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    i would agree thatwere nbt gettin any help 4rm kaplan
    im strugglin alot
    im unable to analyse anything
    i cant find anything to analyse on?
  • visha
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    Hi S11AHS

    Look at this link

    iIt will help you to identyfy potential weaknesses in the purchase ledger!


    Are you studing with a long distance provider?

    If yes then your tutor should be able to provide you with the project simulation. If not then you will need to find a college or an aat Course provider such as FTC who would normally charge approx, Β£150 to provide you with a simulation and assess your project. Unfortunately you will need an assessor to sign off your project.
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