Is it possible to do everything yourself?

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I started studying for the AAT qualification through Kaplan a couple of years ago but due to personal circumstances I never finished the course. I sat and passed the unit 30 exam but didn't really do anything towards the unit 31 skills test. I chose to go down the diploma route and am now wanting to pick this up again.

I was wondering whether it is possible to just buy the books and do it all myself? I can see that you can enter the exams easily enough but how would you go about doing the skills tests? I just didn't like Kaplan ( I think I spoke to my tutor once ) but the books are good and I worked out it would cost me £87 for all the books I'd need for the advance certificate level if I bought them from them which is alot less than it would cost to enrol on the diploma course through distance learning.

Just after peoples advice and opinions whether it is possible to do it without going through a centre? I've tried looking through the AAT site but can't see anywhere with information on how to do a skills test unless your attending a class or a distance student.



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