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Im in my final year of AAT and was originally thinking of going on to study ACCA but now im not quite so sure as i work in a non chartered accounts and im not sure i would get the support i could do with. I was wondering how the people on here with aat and no other qualification have found moving jobs?

The place i work now only requires me to have aat and they dont expect me to do any further qualifications but i thought i would ask how people found finding new jobs because i dont want to not study acca only to find in a few years time that it would be harder to find a job without the qualification.

I know it will obviously affect pay and that there are jobs advertising for aat but i just want to see how people have actualy found moving jobs.

Also is anyone else having trouble using the search funstion because if i dont do acca i think i will probably do att instead but when i type it into the search bar nothing comes up? I was wanting to see what has been posted about att but dont want to keep making new threads on here about a different qualification and as far as i can see the att forum is terrible


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