Your Dream Bookkeeper?

Raging Pineapples
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Hello all!

I'm fairly new to accounting, and I plan to be a self-employed bookkeeper at some point in the future.

So I was wondering! :D

How would you describe your dream bookkeeper? What qualities/standards do they need to meet? What can a bookkeeper do to make their accountant's lives as stress-free as possible? :)

I'd like your thoughts so that I can start early developing the qualities that will best enable me to do my job well :)


  • Monsoon
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    My dream bookkeeper:

    In a nutshell:
    Perfect TB and Proper Bank Rec!!!
    (Can you tell I've had bank rec issues lately?!)

    To expand on that, a proper bank rec is: Balance at bank, less outstanding payments (detailed list) plus outsanding receipts (detailed list) = balance in the TB.

    I'd want any expenses in the accounts that the bookkeeper thinks potentially disallowable for tax clearly identified and details provided.

    I'd either want the brought forward balances in the TB to be identical to my last years accounts or excluded from the TB so I have simply a transaction balance, and can add that to my own opening balances.

    I'd want depreciation posted along with accruals, prepayments, disposals and stuff like that.

    Jobs like that make me very happy indeed :)
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