After AAT

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I currently work for a construction company as accounts administrator, I am in the final year of AAT

I wanted to study ACCA after this. Do I have to be a Full Member to get the full exemptions?, how long does it take to become a full member?

I plan to study ACCA part time (max 3 exams per year), so 11 exams would take 4 years at least. Then I think you have to do 2 years work experience to become an associate, then 5 years experience to become a Fellow Member? So it will take me a further 12 years to become Chartered Accountant.

I'm 23 now, so will it be worth doing this till i'm 35? and I'm struggling to get a job in an accountancy firm, can ACCA be done in industry?

Thanks in advance for any help

Can anyone tell me if this is correct?

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