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Hi all

Are all textbooks boring to read or is it just me?

I'm currently studying CIMA and using Kaplan's text books. I don't know if it's just me or do you agree that they're ridiculously boring? Are BPP's books any better? I know they all need to cover the syllabus so they can't be to exciting but the presentation could be a little less formal! I like Kaplan's guide to IFRS book because it's a little colourful, it makes it more interesting to read!

The other alternative for me is CIMA "Official Learning System" books but the less said about them the better!


  • crispy
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    I use the BPP books for cima, and although I would hardly describe them as exciting they are certainly a much lighter read than the official study texts. I had initially brought an official book for p1 but gave up as it seemed to just painfully drone on and on without many pratical examples in between :sleep: so you are definately not alone with this.

    Good luck with your studies.
  • Stan Bown
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    Hi Gianni

    I'm doing ACCA and had a look at Kaplan vs BPP books before I started. I got more engaged by the BPP books and this helped me choose tutor support. It's still not the most interesting I've come across, though, and I still read around in other books I find more readable - like Melville for tax and Drury for management accounting, which cover all of the ground but aren't so structured around the syllabus.

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