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Hi everyone

Please could someone tell me why my figure in my "period" column is higher than my "year to date" if I run a report from period 1 to period 12. My year end is 31st August 2008, and I haven't processed year end, so has this anything to do with it? I thought that they would both be the same figure!:confused1:

Would appreciate your help

Many thanks


  • Kirstie
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    You may have a credit b/f. A review of the nominal activity should shed some light on it.
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    Thanks Kirstie,

    Can you just clarify for me what the "period" column includes for a balance sheet if i did a print out for period 1 - 12. Does it include the whole year, plus a possible credit b/f, whereas the "year to date" period just includes the present year?

    Many thanks
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    Balance Sheet

    If you select months 1-12, the period column will display the net movement for the 12 months, whereas the year to date column will display the balance as at the end of the latest period selected.

    If you wnat the period column to display the current position you need to select the date range FROM B/FWD and TO MONTH12.
  • jackieshep
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    Many thanks Sheelagh
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