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Hi, I am re sitting ECR again 3rd time lucky last time passed section 1 no problems, always section 2 that I fail on. Is there a revision class any where in Norfolk/Cambs between now and the December exam.

I last took this exam 2006, so not a college just going back through my text books at home. I did pass Level 4 in DFS this year, and completed the Unit 10 project, but failed the costing papers.

Glad of any help



  • SandyHood
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    I run a lot of revision days throughout November, but have no weekend days free now.
    My closest ECR day is in central London on 23rd November.
    I am sorry, I don't think I can help this time.
    The papers I revise are
    1. ECR intermediate
    2. PEV (MAC) Technician (Diploma)
    3. and PCR
    I generally run these up and down the country throughout November and May.
    [email protected]
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