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sheelagh Registered Posts: 133 Dedicated contributor 🦉
I am having problems downloading documents from this website - recently the new MLRO guidance and the MIP continuity of practice guidance. On clicking the links I get the "page cannot be dispalyed" message. I have emailed the MIP team to report my difficulties, but they seem to think the links are working.
I don't experience this on any other websites.
Does anyone else have this problem - do I need to change some settings?


  • Sue
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    Hi Sheelagh

    I have been able to download the ML guidance October 2008, was the other document the Guidelines and Regulations for MIP's? If so I get the same message as you for that one.

    I contacted the AAT last week to ask them to approve the use of their logo on my website, they couldn't see the logo but I can see it on 4 different computers, the person I contacted told me he was working on a MAC, I don't know whether that could also explain why the links to their website are working for them but not us.

    If it's any help, if you let me have your email address I'll email you the ML guidance.

  • sheelagh
    sheelagh Registered Posts: 133 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    ML Guidance

    Hi Sue

    Thank you for the offer. I have now received the file from AAT.
    I think you could be right about AAT staff viewing the website differently to the general public. Their reply to my email seemed to suggest they didn't think there was anything wrong with the website links and downloads.
  • James Cristiano
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    Accessing .pdf documents on the AAT website

    Dear Sue and Sheelagh,

    Thank you for highlighting this issue with us.

    We are currently experiencing a technical problem with regards to accessing some of the .pdf documents on the AAT website.

    We endeavour, as always, to resolve any technical problems for all our customers as soon as possible, and i am sorry for any inconvenience caused throughout this period.

    In the interim, please access documentation via the following method;

    1. Right click on the document link.
    2. Click 'Save target as...'
    3. Navigate to select your desktop, and then click save.
    4. You will now be able to open the document by double clicking on the desktop icon.

    This is only a temporary measure, and i shall personally keep you updated on the progress..

    Kind Regards,
    James, AAT Web Team
  • Lisa toner
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    skills test & simulation

    I have been trying to down load the answers to unit one for three days and I cannot do it even when I copy the on screen instructions it wont let me do it
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