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I'm sorry if someone has ask this question already, but i could do with some help!

I work in a accountancy firm , there are three of us. i'm not sure if my situation is suitable for the project. I can not think of anything to write about.
would you suggest the simulation as my tutor is say it is really hard to complete.
I have a deadline for april, but having to have meetings with my tutor ever few pages I need some ideas soon!

Any advice is welcome!



  • visha
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    If you are working in an accountancy firm you are ideally placed to write a work based project.

    It is definitely easier then the simulation and more rewarding. Further AAT requires you to produce a work based project unless you are not working in an accounting environment.

    See these two links



    Your problem will be that you may not be able to pick any of the topics mentioned on the list, but that should not stop you to write a project.

    The method and the principle do not change.

    The only thing that you have to consider is what do you and your colleagues specialise in?

    • Preparing VAT returns for your clients (bread & Butter) (carrier bag jobs)
    • Preparing monthly management reports
    • Preparing weekly/monthly wages
    • Preparing final accounts
    • Reviewing final accounts
    • Tax computations
    • Preparing for special investigations
    • Business analysis and implementing accounting procedures
    • Etc…………

    Your project is in two parts
    1) managing employee in your current accounting environment – common to all projects
    2) Specific weakness in your specialist topic- only you can look at what you could improve the work systems and procedure that you currently work under.
  • elc41
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    hey thanks for all the information i really appreciate it!
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