Books and publications for new MIP

jackiejackie Feels At HomePosts: 81Registered

Can anyone recommend which books and publications would be a good starting point on which I can expand on for a new MIP which are not going to cost the earth?

I am attending regular CPD events and collecting a lot of information on various subjects.

I would be grateful for any suggestions.:001_smile:



  • T.C.T.C. Experienced Mentor Posts: 1,448Registered, Tutor
    You sound very keen !?! :thumbup1:
    St James Place Tax Guide is a good source of information.
  • pinksponkpinksponk Feels At Home Posts: 57Registered
    Tolley's Tax Guide is good but it costs about £65
  • jackiejackie Feels At Home Posts: 81Registered
    Thanks for the suggestions - I will look into them :thumbup:

  • PoodlePoodle Experienced Mentor Posts: 711Registered

    There used to be information on this on the MIP pages of this website but I just cannot find it.

    The article listed recommendations the minimum that you would be expected to have should your practice be chosen for inspection by the AAT

    Perhaps a quick call to the MIP team might help.

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